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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
2:03 pm
I liked this one

b>91% <span style="color: #00f;">Chris Dodd</span><br>85% <span style="color: #00f;">Barack Obama</span><br>82% <span style="color: #00f;">John Edwards</span><br>81% <span style="color: #00f;">Mike Gravel</span><br>81% <span style="color: #00f;">Hillary Clinton</span><br>78% <span style="color: #00f;">Dennis Kucinich</span><br>78% <span style="color: #00f;">Joe Biden</span><br>78% <span style="color: #00f;">Bill Richardson</span><br>46% <span style="color: #f00;">Rudy Giuliani</span><br>38% <span style="color: #f00;">John McCain</span><br>31% <span style="color: #f00;">Mike Huckabee</span><br>25% <span style="color: #f00;">Ron Paul</span><br>25% <span style="color: #f00;">Mitt Romney</span><br>25% <span style="color: #f00;">Tom Tancredo</span><br>16% <span style="color: #f00;">Fred Thompson</span><br></b><br><a href="http://www.gotoquiz.com/candidates/2008-quiz.html">2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz</a>
Monday, January 14th, 2008
2:36 pm
Fuck Waterboarding
So if anyone thinks that "enhanced interrogation techniques, are justified, I'm going to post some evidence.

First:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7185648.stm

US Intelligence Chief said it would be torture. If you think that "simulating drowning" isn't torture, lets look at a first hand account.


Whoa that sounds pretty rough. The person would rather have their fingers smashed with a sledge hammer? Hmm...

But is doing it illegal? According to the Geneva Convention, yes.


  • Article 13): "Prisoners of war must at all times be humanely treated."
  • (Article 13): "...Prisoners of war must at all times be protected, particularly against acts of violence or intimidation and against insults and public curiosity."
  • (Article 17): "No physical or mental torture, nor any other form of coercion, may be inflicted on prisoners of war to secure from them information of any kind whatever. Prisoners of war who refuse to answer may not be threatened, insulted or exposed to unpleasant or disadvantageous treatment of any kind."
  • (Article 25): "Prisoners of war shall be quartered under conditions as favorable as those for the forces of the Detaining Power who are billeted in the same area."
  • (Article 27): "Clothing, underwear and footwear shall be supplied to prisoners of war"
How many of these articles have we violated? Making people stand around naked? Done. Torture? Done. Although what is allowed in the Geneva Convention is threats, and exposure to unfavorable conditions as a interrogation technique.

Oh but wait, these "Terrorists" aren't prisoners of war... they are "Unlawful combatants"

"So they aren't untilted to the Genva Convention protections, right? Well, not according to some. Every person in enemy hands must have some status under international law: he is either a prisoner of war and, as such, covered by the Third Convention, a civilian covered by the Fourth Convention, or again, a member of the medical personnel of the armed forces who is covered by the First Convention. There is no intermediate status; nobody in enemy hands can be outside the law. We feel that this is a satisfactory solution – not only satisfying to the mind, but also, and above all, satisfactory from the humanitarian point of view." Jean Pictet (ed.) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Geneva_Convention)

So although some people question the accuracy of wikipedia, I think as a whole it is a good source for general information about many subjects.

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
6:51 pm
ITT We talk about PMMA
So after reading Liam's LJ post with the cross link to micropenis, I started reading more about penis size. I read a couple interesting things about penis size averages (note: I'm above average, and according to one study in the 90th percentile in length). This is also using the adam corolla method of measurement. Start at the anus, and go about two inches beyond the tip. Anyway, I clicked on the article on Penis Enlargement.  Effectively, there is a girth enlargement and length enlargement. Looking at the girth enlargement, a substance called PMMA is inserted into the penis. What is PMMA? "Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or poly (methyl 2-methylpropenoate) is the synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. This thermoplastic and transparent plastic is sold by the tradenames Plexiglas, Limacryl, R-Cast, Perspex, Plazcryl, Acrylex, Acrylite, Acrylplast, Altuglas, Polycast and Lucite and is commonly called acrylic glass or simply acrylic." So you insert acryllic into your penis. THE SAME SHIT THEY MAKE CDs OUT OF.
Monday, August 20th, 2007
9:19 pm
Re: Prom
I'm not going.
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
2:48 pm

So Dan and I have been talking, and we really want to go. There is an awesome open seating section. Its $60, but those of you have gone (maybe except for Adam) know how much fun it is, and it's totally worth it. And who is already going?
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
1:04 pm
Alan Johnston banner
Saturday, April 28th, 2007
3:49 am
updating my lj
itt im updating my lj
Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
12:41 pm
not sick
i'm actually not sick right now. its pretty nice!

In other news, our basement bathroom AND my bedroom flooded resulting in me moving upstairs. I now live on the main floor of the house (TM). And so far I like it. My new room has regular people height ceilings, and a regular people door! Plus I get to hang out with Rudy a lot which is fun. But I do miss living with JJ, Brian and John in the basement.
Monday, December 25th, 2006
12:18 pm
Merry Christmas
Looks like that time again. Post pics of your "Phat Loot". I dont have pictures yet but I got:

1.0gb USB Flash Drive
250gb WD SATA II Drive
Lynksys Wireless G card
Logitech G5 mouse
A Beaver Basketball Jersey
This personal massage thing (ITS AWESOME)
One of those pin things you put your hand in, and the pins push up and the image stays in place

Overall I have to say it was a good christmas. Got everythign I want, found good gifts for my family. A++++++
Friday, September 29th, 2006
1:17 am
seriously it dfucking took me foreer to figrure out how to update my lj. liam loves sat probn. this window to update ljs is kinda neat. its robtert's birthday i gfuess
fuck. i darnk a lot and then i took pulls of the runm called barborossa and it was not that yummy but it made me more drink. like sam. he is also a person who is drink. i decided girls with red hair are 10x hotter than girls without red hair. I have not msoked pot in like 5 days and its nice. Im super drunk and talking on aim. Dan moses is moy idol for drunk lj posts. He is drink. But those pulls i think gave me the edhge. Like sam. i should do a beerbong. Yeah im going to because I COULD GET MORE DRUNK
Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
2:57 pm
Someone keeps fucking with the lights
Right now I am in a computer lab in the third floor of Deerborn. Why not hte library? Its closed. Why not the main computer labs in Deerborn? They are closed. So this is the only lab open I could find. What OS am I using? Not OS X, nor windows or a form of linux. But fucking Solaris. It doesnt seem too bad, I just hate the mouse doesn't have a scroll wheel. That and the airconditionr right above me is really loud and shaking and I think its going to fall on me.

I moved in to my house saturday. My parents drove me down and helped me get my room set up a bit, then they bid their farewells and were off. What I didn't know that practically all of my roomates were going to be in corvallis that night for KP's BDAY CELEBRATION. THanks for having us over Jungle House. It was a time for buddies. I saw lots of people I haven't seen that much IE JT and MS. (thats jon turnquist and mike schmidt ladies and gentlemen)

The next day was "lets lounge around the house all day playing video games" which was acomplished very well by my roomates (minus brian) and added with JJ. THen we got beer and they all left except dan and I who stayed. He also stayed last night where he is still in bed sleeping.

Yesterday was neat. I cleaned some, cooked, and ended up going over to a buddies for margaritas yet when I arrived there were zero margaritas left to be had :(.

I've also been playing the Sims2. Its more fun than Black and White 2, which I must say gets super fucking annoying. The game isn't particularly fun or hard. I could never figure out how to make my creature do anything worthwhile except shit on people.

Everyone else moves in friday, so people come visit.
Friday, September 8th, 2006
12:12 pm
Facebook is back?
An Open Letter from Mark Zuckerberg:

We really messed this one up. When we launched News Feed and Mini-Feed we were trying to provide you with a stream of information about your social world. Instead, we did a bad job of explaining what the new features were and an even worse job of giving you control of them. I'd like to try to correct those errors now.

When I made Facebook two years ago my goal was to help people understand what was going on in their world a little better. I wanted to create an environment where people could share whatever information they wanted, but also have control over whom they shared that information with. I think a lot of the success we've seen is because of these basic principles.

We made the site so that all of our members are a part of smaller networks like schools, companies or regions, so you can only see the profiles of people who are in your networks and your friends. We did this to make sure you could share information with the people you care about. This is the same reason we have built extensive privacy settings – to give you even more control over who you share your information with.

Somehow we missed this point with News Feed and Mini-Feed and we didn't build in the proper privacy controls right away. This was a big mistake on our part, and I'm sorry for it. But apologizing isn't enough. I wanted to make sure we did something about it, and quickly. So we have been coding nonstop for two days to get you better privacy controls. This new privacy page will allow you to choose which types of stories go into your Mini-Feed and your friends' News Feeds, and it also lists the type of actions Facebook will never let any other person know about. If you have more comments, please send them over.

This may sound silly, but I want to thank all of you who have written in and created groups and protested. Even though I wish I hadn't made so many of you angry, I am glad we got to hear you. And I am also glad that News Feed highlighted all these groups so people could find them and share their opinions with each other as well.

About a week ago I created a group called Free Flow of Information on the Internet, because that's what I believe in – helping people share information with the people they want to share it with. I'd encourage you to check it out to learn more about what guides those of us who make Facebook. Today (Friday, 9/8) at 4pm edt, I will be in that group with a bunch of people from Facebook, and we would love to discuss all of this with you. It would be great to see you there.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


I say hats off to facebook for handeling this in a proper manner. With the Liam:Putnum chatlog i was expecting this to be a long drawn out thing.
Saturday, April 15th, 2006
1:23 pm
My night
last night was a pretty fun night for me. It started kinda early when our friend Chris called and wanted to know if John and I were up for going over to his place, or "The Hawaiians" to hang out, drink, smoke hooka, etc. We decided we were goign to drink a little before deciding so thats how our night begun. We played a little Winning Eleven (a soccer game) where I beat him 3-0. Then we decided to see what was going on with other people and we begun to hang out with kyle. We all went upstairs to Zach's room then and begun to play Mario Kart 64 battle. We played this for a while and then went down stairs and made more drinks. We ran outta mixers, so we walked to the Country store and bought all kinds of snacks and mixers. Carson at this point was starting to get fucked up. We went back to our room and started to play Kings and watch rounders. We couldnt get the volume to work on the TV right so we ended up just listneing to music and playing drinking games. First game was fuck the dealer, in which Carson got fucked. At this point he was outta control fucked up for when we played Penis, which he was too drunk to understand what was going on and would drink whenever someone pretty much mentioned his name. Lauren Dillard also came down and was hanging out with us drinking. Kyle was hanging out with us, but at this point he was just high and not drinking. We all got excited and decided to go upstairs and watch Andrew (Jordan's asian roomate) take shots of tequilla which we all proceeded to do. Right after Carson did his he says "I think that was a bad idea" and "Im going to be regretting that about 8am tomorrow). Heather Erin and Nicole were in the room at this point too, I think Kyle had gone back to his room. After the RA knocked, we decided to go downstairs and watch Waiting. By the time the movie was over, It was just Zach, John and I left. We decided that 2am was a great time to smoke hooka, which we loaded a bowl of Mango 5star with a touch of mint. After hooka, we all went to our respective beds, except John stayed up and read SA and I stayed up playing pirates and Dota. At about 4:30 I decided to pour a trashcan full of packing peanuts on John but as soon as I open the door he says something, and he was still awake so we decide to go watch Rounders for real this time which we do until the computer crashed for some reason and then we went to bed.
Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
9:43 pm
It is a mystery
Do girls pee in the shower?
Saturday, March 11th, 2006
5:17 pm
I wish i had something cooler to update about than i got a new phone. Same number, but dont have anyone else's number so post here if you want me to have your number.
Sunday, December 18th, 2005
2:32 pm
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
6:04 pm
Im done with finals, after getting an hour of sleep last night, and showing up an hour and 30 minutes late to my Math 251 final.
Monday, December 5th, 2005
3:00 pm
Im supposed to be studying, but all I can think about how in aproximately 102 hours, I will be watching Kanye West.
Thursday, November 17th, 2005
1:54 pm
Kara Sits on Man Roots
i have a friend kara.

here is a picture of my friend eating some toys.

here is a picture of my friend in her formal attire.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
9:21 pm

I’m beginning to miss people, and all kinds of people. Not just my friends who moved across the country or the friends still in Portland while I’m down here. I miss friends here. I miss old relationships we had. I miss the more nerdy versions of us. I loved being a nerd. I loved going around, causing mischief and playing computer games all night. I miss that a lot. I also miss high school teachers. Every class I’m taking is 100+ students, and I’m pretty sure none of my Profs know my name. It’s ok though. I just kinda miss the personal relationships with my teachers. I don’t think it would help me at all academically, (so don’t try to argue that “small class sizes are so much better” because the reality is that when I have needed help from teachers, I was able to get it no problem even with huge classes). I miss relating to adults on a daily basis. Everyone I talk to around here is a “kid”. I also miss people from my past life. Friends that I have lost touch with, ex girlfriends that I no longer am in contact with. I decided to get a whole new group of friends sophomore year of high school and I am so glad I did. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be a huge fan of the person I was becoming. I do miss some of those people from my old life, and it’s just as much my fault that we haven’t stayed in touch. More so my fault, because I know you have made the effort. I’m sorry. I especially miss the people who I fucked up with. I fucked up on some relationships with some friends, and we no longer talk. And I miss them. And I'm sorry for being a prick. So please help me. Call me, text me, I’m me and just say “hey”.
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